Sunday, November 20, 2016

100% Wool Dryer Balls
If you don't like dryer sheets ... here is an alternative!

Deb MacLeod of Millage & Lloyd General Store, 
St. Peters PEI Canada (now closed)
has passed this enterprise onto me.  
She made the Dryer Balls, sold them from her store 
and other stores and her website.  
Made from felted wool and wool yarn, 
they are an effective alternative to using dryer sheets.  
See Deb's directions below.

Deb has been using the Dryer Balls for 
two years and finds them still quite good, 
though they do have some pilling.  
My sister has tested them for me, as I don't use a dryer.  
Drying time was shorter, and she found only 
minimal static on an acrylic sweater.  
To test for lint, she put her black spandex pants 
into the dryer along with some towels; 
the pants came out lint free.
The balls average about tennis ball size - 
some a bit larger, some smaller.  
Colours are all natural wool colour (not dyed) 
from natural white to shades of grey and brown/black.

One box of balls is 25.00.
If interested, contact me to purchase.
902 961 2348

Louise MacAdam
8837 West St. Peters 
R. R. # 2  Morell  PEI