Slipcovered Armchair Rocker

This is a big comfortable armchair rocker 
designed to be covered with a slipcover.  
The chair is upholstered in a white medium weight cotton, and was purchased originally with a fitted slipcover. 

 This new slipcover replaces the original worn out cover.

 The arms have a cover that allows 
the style of the chair to be seen.  

 The cover is held with velcro on the underside of 
the arms, and tucks in down beside the cushion, 
keeping it well in place.

 The back of the cover is held closed with velcro 
on both sides, allowing for easy removal.

 The back of the chair (front of the back) has a cover 
that extends down to the cushion and tucks well 
into the sides.  
It is held in place with hooks at the top end.

The wing shown with tucks in the fabric to fit 

around the curve and into the piping.

Reupholstered Wing Chair

A comfortable well made older style chair.

Arm covers and a cover for the top of the back were 
made from leftover fabric and lined on the back.
In the case of the arms, there was not enough fabric 
to make the covers stripes going the same way 
as the underlying fabric.

The arm covers are made so as to be able to see 
the front of the arm ....

.... and held in place ....

....with velcro on the underside of the arm....

.... and also kept in place on the inside of the arm with a tab tucking down past the cushion into the deck/arm joint.
If I had not been short of fabric, I would have made the tab 
the full width of the arm cover.

The cover for the back of the chair is held in place 
with two tabs ....

.... that are attached with hooks 
sewn onto the back of the chair.

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