Thursday, April 9, 2015

If you like lobster...

PEI Lobster Cushions

Concept by Deb MacLeod 
owner of 
St. Peters PEI Canada

To purchase see
or contact 
Louise MacAdam at

Lobster design and stencil work 
by Ian Paul MacAdam

 Lobster pillows are 18" x 18"
and have zippers.
The fabric is a sturdy medium weight 
washable poly-cotton.

 Some have plain piping,

Some have plain piping,
 and some have coloured piping,

 A red lobster ready to eat.

 Sometimes a blue lobster is seen in nature

… in different shades.

 Often a brown lobster is seen in the water.

  A green lobster stencilled on burlap….

 … or an orange lobster, 
with a fringed finish.

 Bright orange with green...

 And what has this one been taking?

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