Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Protective Ankle Support

Protective Ankle Boot 
With Wedge 

Designed to take pressure off a sore on the ankle, 
to allow it to heal.
Made from layers of 3/4" foam, 
a sturdy knit fabric, velcro tapes.

A hole and graduated area around the hole 
allows the ankle to rest in place 
without any pressure on it or the surrounding area.  

 The outside view, with the velcro straps.

 View from the knee end.  
The heel fits into the left side of the sunken area.

The velcro straps are held back in place - 
each has a tab of velcro to keep it held down, while one fits the boot.
 The heel is placed in the depression - 
as seen in the first photo.

 The boot closed - 
the velcro allows adjustment for snugness 
around each area of the leg and ankle.

 The ankle bone seen through the opening - 
allowing fingers to monitor 
contact with the boot surface.

 A wedge made from foam, with a velcro strip added… place alongside the boot.  

The position of the wedge is adjustable
 as the velcro goes right around the boot.

 The wedge stops the leg from rotating outward 
 thus keeping pressure off the ankle area.

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